The work of the Kibera Kid's Hall was founded in 1994. In Nairobi is the inner-city slums of Kibera situated, which is home to approximately 1 million people. The living conditions are devastating: no running water, sanitation, roads nor electricity. Mud huts with leaking roofs are over-crowded, often with up to 10 family members sharing one little room. In the middle of this slum the Kibera Kid's Hall of Children of GOD'S Kingdom hosts the ongoing work.


The Motto: Prevention is better than Cure


Children need love. FATHER GOD loves them so much, that HE meets with them through us. Many would be hard-core street kids, prostitutes or thieves, today if they would not have met JESUS as their Saviour. We go all the extra miles to each one of them. We reach out to them show them JESUS and establish them in the Kingdom of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Many children over the years have entrusted their lives to JESUS and are meanwhile responsible youth and adults in the local churches. Since 2008 the local Christian church is continuing with the Bible club in Kibera and most children are in formal schooling.

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