The Love Of God is Lived

Children, youth, women and men experience that there is a God who reaches out to them and cares

  • We have time for them
  • We Listen
  • We preach the Good News.
  • We encourage.
  • We correct and teach.
  • We pray for them and with them.
  • We come alongside.


Bible clubs, Holiday clubs, Sport activities, Food-distribution and practical help

  • Weekly Bible clubs help children find JESUS, to live with Him and to serve Him.
  • Holiday clubs are intensive times and give opportunities to grow in the faith.
  • Sport activities bring joy and fellowship.
  • Food-Distribution helps to reduce the needs.
  • Practical help in family crisis, sickness and death are the helping hands of the gospel.


School sponsorships/ homework assistance

  • School sponsorships empower children from under privileged families to go to school.
  • Homework assistance gives children the necessary support to learn effectively and that in turn will eventually make them to become responsible Christians as well as Citizen


School Visitation

  • Regular ministering of the Word of GOD in schools during the pastoral counselling program
  • Special Outreaches to Schools for purposes of evangelizing


Seminars / Preaching

  • Children workers are supported and equipped through training seminars
  • Teachers in various schools are encouraged and assisted to live their Christian convictions in their workplace
  • Preaching and teaching ministry in churches assists the faith walk of many believers