Children of God's Kingdom has different forms of sponsorships.

Some of the children are completely dependant upon the support through the Mission. The majority of these Kids have been since years under the care of the founder of Children of God's Kingdom. For these children we need support until the time they have finished their college or university training and enter into the working world. Costs for their trainings are varying and depend upon where and what they study, which determines the amount needed to keep them going. In most cases there are more than one sponsor involved to meet those needs.

Children in the Light of Life Mission School on our project site in Kizingo need prayer and sponsors to cover the costs for the teachers, helpers, school materials and the utilities.

Information about the sponsorships are not given to the Children in the Light of Life Mission School. This is needed to avoid envy and jealousy to come up, because not every child has enough sponsors as well as the monthly support of the sponsors differs according to the ability and commitment of individual sponsors.

Another form of support is to sponsor a class. This will help to cover the costs for that age group of children.

For more detailed information please contact us. Thanks.

  • Alex
  • Alfred Salim
  • Bentha
  • Caroline
  • Christine Neema
  • David
  • Esther Furaha
  • Esther Neema
  • Grace
  • Harold
  • Harrison
  • Hawa
  • Jennifer
  • Juliana
  • Manuel
  • Mathias
  • Moses
  • Salama Linet
  • Sharon
  • Thomas Kuto
  • Winnie

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