Weekly Activities

CRS Primary School

In the Primary School neighbouring our project site at Kizingo near Malindi, we assist teaching the pastoral program once a week. Photo 2 All children unless they are Muslims and have their clergy coming to teach them, are attending this meeting of about 30 minutes once a week.

The emphasis in this teaching is to help the pupils to develop a good moral standard and attitudes influenced by Biblical truth taught during this meeting with an appropriate application for their personal lives. The classes 4 to 8 are joined together and meet in the morning out on the field under the trees since the school does not have a hall.

The children from class 1 to 3 meet just before the lunch hour break. If it rains the teachers try to combine at least 2 classes in 1 classroom and so the teaching is reduced to a few minutes so that all classes can be served one after the other.

Bible club in Msabaha Primary School

This Primary School is located far off the main roads. Its educational standard is low, because it is a hardship area. Although recently a school feeding program was established, the children are still struggling with the living conditions at home, which affect their educational performance.

Here we are teaching interested Christians children in a Bible club once a week for about 45 minutes. They enjoy singing and dancing for Jesus! These children are coming to the Bible Club out of free choice, while others are attending other school clubs or are playing games outside on the school fields. The teachings are geared at encouraging the children to live their everyday lives for JESUS and to understand their GOD given inheritance better.